Teens encourage teens

Teens write blogs hoping others will find and read what they have written. Often they get discouraged become so few find their blogs and read them or leave comments. I spent some time looking for teen blogs yesterday and found several. Almost without exception these were new blogs started this month. Some wrote about discouragement, others were more hopeful. I would like to challenge Christian teens to read the blogs other teens write and to help point them to Jesus as a friend they can trust. Because of my age and the nature of this blog, I worry about overdoing it. Some teens might be embarrassed for a “granny” type person to comment on their blogs while they would be thrilled to get a response from a teenager.

You can start a search for blogs using the words “blogs written by teens” as your search term on Google. Here is a blog I found written by several teens together:

Teens Can Write Too

I’ll add more from time to time. I prefer to have the author’s permission to put it here so I won’t start out with a long list. I didn’t ask for this one as it is a group blog.

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