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IMG_5019 Janice (300)Janice D. Green has a passion for reaching youth with the hope that is available to them in God’s Word. Remembering her own youth and the mistakes she made in her past has added much fuel to her passion. She wished she had understood better what the Bible had to offer during those trying years, and hopes to share these insights with teens through her blog, Bible Bites 4 Teens.

Janice has over twenty years experience in the public school system and has always treasured the relationships she developed with her students. She often found herself defending one or more students who were being picked on in one way or another; and in doing so, she discovered it bonded her more closely with all of her students.


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  1. Hi Janice. I’m happy to guest blog on your site about service. I can work on an entry for next week if that works for you. Please let me know the timing you prefer. I’m a passionate believer as well so I will keep to your format using a scripture. Please send me an email address that I can submit my post to. Thanks again for stopping by my site.

    • Oh that is wonderful. My email is queenbjan at msn dot com. I’m confident that you can piece that together properly. I get enough spam already.

      Anytime next week will be fine. I’m halfway through a series of five posts and am pushing to get in a post a day, but don’t always make it that often. Thank you for agreeing to guest post. If you have a picture that is copyright free, I’ll be glad to use it with your post.

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